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Article: For the love of Roses

For the love of Roses

For the love of Roses

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a great love of lotions and potions, you only need to ask my beautiful mum.  On special occasions she would buy us Avon, it was a big deal back then.

I remember their ‘Soap on a Rope’ and the beautiful smell of roses.  Mum would put it in our Christmas stocking every year, my sister and I couldn’t wait to unwrap it!

It was one of the things we would take on our annual camping trip to Lake Conjola, a magical place on the south coast of NSW.  Mum would save up all year so we could spend a few weeks there each Christmas holidays.   We did this for as long as I can remember.

It is where we got together once a year with our family and closest friends, swimming in the ocean, catching fish in the lake and cooking over an open fire. 

With our rose scented soap, the campsite bathroom was instantly transformed into a luxury spa!  At least that’s what we thought as young girls, standing in line giggling then taking forever in the shower!

Whenever I think about the smell of roses, I am reminded of that magical time in my life as a young girl.

It is no surprise that when I developed my first range of Bath & Body products, one of the key ingredients would be Rose Absolute.

With its intoxicating aroma, Rose Absolute remains one of the most cherished essential oils in the beauty world today.  Apart from its anti aging properties, it evokes such feelings of happiness, I decided to mix it with Australian Grapefruit oil, Mandarin and Cinnamon Bark oil and create a unique aroma, that is quintessentially Australian.

It has certainly taken some hard work to perfect, but I am so proud to offer a product that is Australian made, naturally beautiful and has an incredible aroma.

My original collection with this beautiful blend, includes a Hand & Body Wash, Lotion, Body Oil, Face Mist and Body Scrub.  It is a culmination of that very first aroma I fell in love with as a child, Rose Absolute.


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